Baseball Rules in Black and White™ 

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          Provide the optimum education resources for the most frequently called                                                      rules of baseball at each specific level of play!

The 2019-20 NCAA & 2019 NFHS Baseball Rules in Black and White coming Jan. 2019

Listen to College World Series Umpire Mr. Billy Haze Has to Say About Baseball Rules in Black And White

       Official Endorsement's Just Keep Coming

"In the continuing effort to help our members of the National High School Baseball Coaches Association, we recommend the 2019 edition of NFHS Baseball Rules in Black and White as a beneficial and effective resource for all High School baseball coaches"

Bradley Hungerford, Executive Instructional Chairman, California Baseball Umpires Association

"I’m positive, the 2019 NFHS & 2019-20 NCAA Baseball Rules in Black and White can effectively increase your ability to clearly understand and retain what you have read. Even better, as an umpire you will have a much greater chance to confidently apply the entire correct ruling during a game."