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Youth Baseball Rules in Black and White TM © Rule Sets

Tee, Minors, Majors, Intermediate, Juniors and Seniors   


  • 22 Rule Topics, listed in A to Z, for quick and easy referencing.
  • Rule language converted into basic English language.
  • Enhanced formatting and simplified language improves retention and ability to articulate a ruling. 
  • Videos, examples and explanations for the more complicated rulings, such as balk, obstruction, catch, appeals, interference and more.

                                                  Rule Topics 


A Game Begins , Appeals, Balk, Base Awards, Batter, Batter-Runner, Batting Order, Before a Game Begins, Bench and Field Conduct, Catch, Definition of Terms, Designated Hitter, Ending a Game, Infield Fly in Effect, Interference, Obstruction, Pitcher, Protesting a Game, Runner, Substituting and Re-Entering, Umpires, Warnings and Ejections