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"A Better Way to Learn and Apply the Rules of Baseball"  

"A Better Way to Learn and Apply the Rules of Baseball"™  

Designated Hitter - P/DH Sample 

Nine-Player Lineup, P/DH Rulings

  • When a pitcher is listed batting in a nine-player lineup, the pitcher is automatically considered both the pitcher and designated hitter aka the P/DH. Rule 7-2-c, Pg. 63


                The P/DH can be substituted for as either the pitcher or the designated hitter. Rule 7-2-c, Pg. 63

  • When the P/DH is moved to a defensive position he must bat in his original P/DH batting spot. Rule 7-2-e-2)-b), Pg. 65

                When the P/DH is moved to a defensive position the DH is terminated. Rule 7-2-e-2)-a), Pg. 65

  • Once the P/DH has gone to a defensive position, that defensive player may return as a pitcher once. Rule 7-2-e-2)-d), Pg. 65

                Exception: If the P/DH pitcher, on a second trip in an inning or after the third free trip, that pitcher once removed                         from the lineup cannot return to pitch. Rule 7-2-e-2)-d), Pg. 65

  • When the P/DH is replaced offensively as the DH the individual may remain as pitcher. Rule 7-2-e-3)-a), Pg. 65

  • After the P/DH is replaced as DH and remains as pitcher he cannot move to a defensive position. Rule 7-2-e-3)-a) -(1), Pg. 65

  • After the P/DH is replaced as DH and remains as pitcher he cannot return as DH. Rule 7-2-e-3)-a) -(2), Pg.65

  • If the P/DH is ejected, he may be replaced by either a one player continuing in a nine-player lineup with a P/DH or ten-player lineup with two players a non-batting pitcher and a DH. Rule 7-2-e-4)-a), Pg.65

Three Ways a Nine-Player Lineup Becomes a Ten-Player Lineup

# 1. A ten-player lineup is created when the P/DH remains as pitcher, while being replaced with a new designated hitter. Rule                7-2-e-3)-a), Pg. 65

                    When the P/ DH remains as a pitcher and a new player becomes the DH, the pitcher would be listed in the non-                                batting ten-spot in the newly created ten-man lineup. Rule 7-2-e-3)-a), Pg. 65

                    The new designated hitter would then bat in the old P/DH spot. Rule 7-2-b-1), Pg. 63

                     The replaced P/DH batter cannot move to another defensive position. He can only stay as pitcher. Rule 7-2-e-3)-a)-                           (1), Pg. 65

                     The replaced P/DH going into the ten-spot as pitcher cannot return offensively to bat. Rule 7-2-e-3)-a)-(2), Pg. 65

# 2. A ten-player lineup is created when the P/DH remains only as a designated hitter, while being replaced by a new pitcher.                 Rule 7-2-e-1)-a)-(1), Pg.65

                      New pitcher becomes tenth spot non-batting player, creating a new ten man line up. Rule 7-2-b-1, Pg. 63

                      Remaining as the DH he can only bat in his original P/DH batting spot. Rule 7-2-b-1, Pg. 65, Rule 7-2-e-1-a-(1), Pg.63

                       The DH and any player who replaces the DH spot cannot play any other positions or roles. Rule 7-2-e-1-a-(1), Pg.63

# 3. If the P/DH is ejected, the coach can switch to a ten-player lineup with a designated hitter and a non-batting pitcher                         listed in the tenth spot or continue as a P/DH in a nine-player lineup. Rule 7-2-e-4)-a), Pg.65

Nine-Player Lineup, DH is Terminated When:

  • The P/DH is moved to a defensive position. Rule 7-2-e-2), Pg. 65

                   The P/DH being placed at a defensive position, must bat in the original spot in the batting order. Rule 7-2-e-2-b), Pg.                       65

                   The new pitcher will bat in the replaced defensive player’s spot. Rule 7-2-e-2-c, Pg. 65

  • A defensive player becomes the pitcher, replacing the P/DH. Rule 7-2-e-5, Pg. 65

                   The DH is terminated for the remainder of the game. Rule 7-2-e-5-a), Pg. 65

                   The (prior) P/DH can assume the defensive player’s position. Rule 7-2-e-5-b), Pg. 65

                   Any substitute player entering defensively to replace the (prior) P/DH must bat in the same (prior) P/DH spot in the                         batting order. Rule 7-2-e-5-c), Pg. 65

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