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                                                                            2017, 2019 College World Series Umpire Billy Haze 

Baseball Rules in Black and White App 5 Star Reviews & Ratings


NCAA D-1 Pitching Coach
stars by steveleo – Mar 9, 2020
Good information and easy to use.

Highly recommend!
5 stars by LMM818 – Mar 5, 2020
This is an awesome app for so many reasons! It’s user friendly and written in common language that’s easy to follow for players, coaches, and athletes of all levels! The best part is the videos that are available for clarity! I come from a family of athletes and sports fans- I’ve already shared with everyone! Can’t wait to see this expand to even more sports! Lauren McDonald USA Bobsled and Skeleton

Easy to use!
5 stars by FHS_Mom – Feb 22, 2020
Franklin High School...thanks for letting me know about this app! Looking forward to understanding the game even better this season!

Best rules app ever
5 stars by 3n2blue – Feb 12, 2020
I have put my rule and case play books aside and only use this app. Easy to read and understand. Great job putting this together.

Fantastic app!
5 stars by jgreg! – Feb 12, 2020
BB rules in BW became available at the perfect time. High school baseball (NFHS) is starting and the app gave me a great review both written and videos. I demonstrated the app to my local chapter and several immediately downloaded. After a game it is a simple place to make sure I got “that play” right (and learn if I didn’t)

an Amazing App !!
5 stars by Benny Umps from BZH – Feb 11, 2020
this is the App all umpires must have. An amazing tool, from Rookies to High Level... thks Jim for this one...

Thank you !
5 stars by Dan91369 – Jan 31, 2020
Thank you for creating this great app that like your Black & White rule book is an absolute asset for understanding and interpreting baseball rules for NFHS & NCAA-

What a great app. 
5 stars by Robert Keane Feb 4, 2020 PM0 0
I love it. An excellent resource when you are sitting at home or in the stands talking about the rule of baseball. Being able to pull up this resource and review the rules for NCAA and MLB makes for great conversation when talking about plays that may have happened in games, or on TV. Kudos to the dev team for designing/building an easy reading app. Looking forward to version 2.0.

Famed SF Giants Baseball Radio Host Marty Lurie Interview / Endorsement

Marty Lurie Interview Public House Oracal Park

Marty Lurie & Adam Copeland, getting ready to interview author of Baseball Rules in Black and White, Jim Bettencourt at Giants pregame on 5-11-19 at Willie Mays Plaza, Public House Restaurant.  Marty stating in the interview how he immediately found our books so effective at explaining the rules of the game that"after reading about batting out of order in Baseball Rules in Black and White, he now thoroughly understands the rule!"  

Marty Lurie Famed Baseball Radio Broadcaster

2019 NCAA & NFHS Baseball Rules in Black and White

Bradley Hungerford, California Umpire Assoc. Instructional Chair
We are honored to have the  California Baseball Umpires Association  Executive Instructional Chairman Mr. Bradley Hungerford's official endorsement for our upcoming 2019 NFHS Baseball Rules in Black and White .  

"It is my opinion Baseball Rules in Black and White’s 2019 High School Edition reader friendly content and format should be read and studied by every high school umpire and coach across the country."

Mr. Bradley Hungerford. 
CBUA Executive Instructional Chairman
National High School Baseball Coaches Association

In the continuing effort to help our members of the National High School Baseball Coaches Association, we recommend the 2019 edition of NFHS Baseball Rules in Black and White as a beneficial and effective resource for all High School baseball coaches"
Triple Play Umpires, Doug McClure

I have read this and it is Amazing...

Take a look at what Jim Bettencourt has put together. You know that we at Triple Play Umpires want you to know how to give an answer, By Rule to a coach.

The 2019 NCAA Baseball Rules in Black and White edition will help you to understand NCAA rules, along with the rule references so that your knowledge will be spot on. We at Triple Play Umpires and many others fully recommend that you give this your attention.

Doug McClure, Triple Play Umpires


Dal Watson tri-sport official

Dal Watson, tri-sport official, JUCO umpire

Just finished reading your newest 2018 College Edition of Baseball Rules in Black and White. I really enjoyed your book’s unique format, it is very well done! It is a great supplement to the NCAA rule Book and I will be recommending it to many other college/JUCO officials!

Bio: Dal is from Odessa/Midland Texas is a twenty year tri-sport official, six years working baseball with four of those years working at the Junior College level.


Colin Brown, NCOA, NAIA umpire

My name is Colin Brown and one of the most frustrating challenges I’ve experienced in thirteen years of umpiring baseball is trying to decipher the written hieroglyphics of the baseball rule books. Consistently confusing for the sake of being confusing. Reading the rule book causes most anyone to come away scratching their head asking themselves, “What the heck do they mean by that statement”? It’s nearly as bad as reading a book on real estate law.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     James Bettencourt has done something most people are not willing to do; identify a problem and do something proactive to effect change.  Not just for himself, but for the baseball community at large.

Taking on translating baseball rule book language, changing it into an easily understood resource, is a tremendous undertaking and illustrates an incredible amount of integrity. While James has done this with the most inexperienced umpire in mind, experienced umpires benefit as well. Both rookie and veteran umpires gain an improved ability to interpret and apply the rules of baseball correctly.

2016 College World Series NCAA umpire Billy Haze says: " This publication is powerful, and it has capabilities to benefit a broad audience having difficulty understanding complicated baseball rules."

National Director at National Umpires Association Jim Stros says: The creative process James Bettencourt has taken putting this book together is one of a kind. Highly recommended for all umpires at every level including all fans, and coaches. A fantastic read. 

Mr. Brian Luth, U.S. Army Recruiting Command and NCOA Umpire shared the following: “Just wanted to thank you for your book last week at the Vacaville class! I’ve been able to grasp a lot of things a lot easier since reading it!”

“I would endorse your book to anyone who umpires or coaches! I’m passionate about the game of baseball and anything that makes our game better it’s a +++.”

High School Umpires: A must read! 
Amazon 5.0 out of 5 stars By Gil on January 16, 2017

This book should be on every high school umpire's book shelf. It is clear and easy to read.It clarifies the most complex rules and gives the umpire (reader) a better understanding of the intent of the rules. I'm sure Mr. Bettencourt will continue updating the content and keep the book up to date as the rules for high school change. I'll be sharing this book with our newer umpires at the Federation of Umpires (over 100 members) in the Bay Area!

Kenneth J Paul Sr. says: After decades of officiating in several baseball leagues and divisions throughout Northern California, I was recently invited to join the Northern California Officials Association. Being my rookie year with a new association I diligently studied the NFHS rule book. After countless hours of study, I was introduced to Baseball Rules in Black & White. The simplicity of its contents has boosted my confidence on, as well as off the field. 

“The B&W is a must have tool for any level of officials, coaches, and yes, even the fans”    

Bob Estep, D II umpire, rules instructor
As baseball becomes more scrutinized in all facets of the game, greater rule knowledge, and the ability to understand, apply and execute rulings correctly is greater than ever before. The author’s objective with Baseball Rules in Black and White is to meet that outcry from the baseball community to have a resource in which the rulings of baseball can be easily found, explained in reader friendly language with related rulings consolidated under one heading. The author has spent countless hours of research collecting and converting complex rulings into organized, practical and easy to read information that will give the reader a clear understanding of the official rule book language and applications. Baseball Rules in Black and White’s unique format converts rule book language into logical Basic English. It also provides the official rule and page number with each converted ruling. This allows the reader a much easier way to locate and confirm converted rulings and by doing so takes the reader to the official NCAA rules. Baseball Rules in Black and White 2018 College Edition is not a replacement of the NCAA rule book. To the contrary, Baseball Rules in Black and White is an enhanced reference book that helps strengthen the official rule book’s information, thereby giving the reader an even greater understanding and application of the rules. Utilizing Baseball Rules in Black and White in conjunction with the NCAA rule book accomplishes the above objectives. It gives the reader an increased understanding of a ruling, thereby expanding the reader’s knowledge of the correct interpretation and their confidence to apply those rules. Baseball Rules in Black and White is a must have reference book for all members within the baseball community. Mr. Robert Estep, NCAA Division II Umpire