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Advertisers if you would like promote your products on either our Baseball Rules in Black and White "free" App or our website like Gerry Davis Sports, and others you can reach us through our contact us link or you can call 530-330-3139, and we can answer any questions you may have. Jim Bettencourt CEO, Rules in Black and White LLC

Beginning April 1o, 2021 Gerry Davis Sports will become the exclusive umpire and referee equipment advertiser on our Baseball Rules in Black and White “free” App. Baseball Rules in Black and White is incredibly pleased that the established and respected Gerry Davis Sports brand will grace the pages of our App.

Even before the app launched, it was our goal to sell advertising. This being said, we also didn’t want to use annoying banner or pop-up ads that could impede our users efficiency. I’m pleased to say our advertising in no way interferes or slows down the user’s ability to find a ruling quickly. Just like before you can select the language you want, then either the OBR, NCAA, NFHS or our new “Youth” Rule Sets.

But now when each Rule Set opens showing their Categories, you will see the Gerry Davis Sports logo at the top of the page. When you press the logo, it will take you directly to the Gerry Davis Sports website, where you can see their entire line of high-quality umpire and referee equipment and apparel.

With thousands of umpires from around the globe using the Baseball Rules in Black and White “free” App, Gerry Davis Sports could not be a more perfect fit. Now in addition to finding a challenging ruling, quickly and efficiently, you can also find your next quality chest protector, mask, pair of official’s shoes or pants and so much more at Gerry Davis Sports.

This new business relationship confirms the fact we only get better, when we work together.

Best 2021 Baseball Season to All,