Baseball Rules in Black and White™ 

"A Better Way to Learn and Apply the Rules of Baseball"™  

                                                         What you should know!

First: Baseball Rules in Black and White takes 19 troublesome rule topics and extracts a total of over 200 rulings, examples, and summaries converted in basic English and a font friendly format.

Second: With each converted language ruling the official  high school rule & page number are included. 

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Third: Baseball Rules in Black and White translates difficult rule book language into basic English. This book has a Table of Contents listed in alphabetical order that makes locating baseball rules quick & easy.

It's easty for an umpire to explain the rules when he understands the rules

Baseball Officials, Coaches, Players & Fans,

This book has been written by an umpire for umpires, coaches, players, fans, broadcasters and anyone else associated with baseball.  Baseball Rules in Black and White clarifies dozens of specific game situations / rulings that frequently occur in baseball, rules that are difficult and confusing to interpret, even when using a conventional rule book. I took nineteen rule subjects and printed out over 200 of the actual rulings pertaining to them.  Then rule by rule extracted exactly what was being stated. Then in the fewest, most comprehensive and basic language possible described exactly what the rule was saying. 

Baseball Rules in Black and White’s objective is threefold. One, improve on being able to locate rulings quicker from the rule book. Two, improve on the current rule book language, making it comprehensive and basic.    Third, rule reference and page numbers included with every ruling's multiple topics discussed. The days of wasting time flipping through pages trying to find the correct ruling are done.

Baseball Rules in Black and White is also an excellent accelerator for beginning officials to quickly gain an understanding of frequently miscalled and confusing rules.  Baseball Rules in Black and White is also a great quick refresher for any seasoned official, especially after a long winter layoff.

Coaches, Baseball Rules in Black and White makes a great addition to your game bag. Put the power of the Baseball Rules in Black and White to work for your team, quickly have access to the correct ruling that can change the outcome of a play or a game.

Anyone who reads Baseball Rules in Black and White will easily retain it, and nearly all who read it will have a clear understanding of the rule. Remember Baseball Rules in Black and White does not replace the rule book, but it does make the rule book significantly easier to use and apply. My experience is that in a split second when things become explosive on the field, an umpire will have a much higher probability to recall a correct rule interpretation that has been clearly stated with as few as words needed. Baseball Rules in Black and White  makes this possible.


James C. Bettencourt

“Opinions are not rules.”

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