Baseball Rules in Black and White 

A Better Way to Learn and Apply the Rules of Baseball

Making Baseball Better  Peninsula Sports Inc.     Our mission since we started in 1996 is to insure that our officials are prepared for each contest, to assign appropriately skilled officials in each sport and level, to handle payments to the officials for games worked, and to respond professionally to any issues that may arise during athletic contests.   Baseball Rules in Black and White has an awesome blog site.  Lots of rules info in fun reader friendly format and there is nothing to not like about that.
"There are really two great things about being an umpire: great seats to every game, and camaraderie among peers.  Baseball is a great game requiring much skill.  As an umpire you get to be the closest non-participant on the field.  And you certainly have better views of the action than the rest of the fans! In addition, like in law enforcement, you develop a sense of camaraderie with other umpires as you are a separate “team” on the field.  Umpiring has kept me active and involved with the community at large, and I get to keep enjoying the game with friends.”
— Bob Froese, Retired SJPD, 2010, Started Umpiring In 1991  

Coaching Youth Baseball the Ripken Way


Coaching young players, developing their skills, and cultivating a love for the sport may be the most rewarding experience baseball can offer. Cal and Bill Ripken understand this like few others.

From their father, Cal Sr., a legend in the Baltimore Orioles organization for 37 years, they learned to play the game the right way. Those lessons, paired with their combined 33 years of big league experience, helped develop the Ripken Way, a method of teaching the game through simple instruction, solid explanations, encouragement, and a positive atmosphere. In Coaching Youth Baseball the Ripken Way, Cal and Bill share this approach to coaching and development.

MacGregor Quality Umpire Pack  
Nu Balance awesome plate shoes James C Bettencourt, author of Baseball Rules in Black and White and 20 year veteran umpire says: "not only do I stand by these plate shoes, they are the only plate shoe I stand on! Most comfortable plate shoe on the market, without doubt!"

Easton two pitcher pitch counter

Dual pitch counter allows coaches to track TWO pitchers at once   

Dual pitch counter allows coaches to track TWO pitchers at once

  • Sleek design fits ergonomically in hand
  • Manufactured in United States
  • Dual pitch counter--tracks two pitchers at once
  • Counts home and away team pitches
  • Designed to fit ergonomically in hand
  • Lightweight coach's tool
  • Made by Easton