Baseball Rules in Black and White™ 

"A Better Way to Learn and Apply the Rules of Baseball"™  

19 Chapters listed A to Z taking you quickly to desired rule topic! 


Base Awards Frequently Called

Batter’s Interference

Batter’s Interference: Penalty 

Batting Out of Order

Bench and Field Conduct 

Charged Conferences 

Courtesy Runner

Designated Hitter

Infield Fly Rule 

Interference - Offensive, Umpire, Spectator 

Interference - Runner


Pitching Stances

Runner Hit By a Fair Batted Ball 

Running Lane

Slide Definition 

Substitutions Definition 

Verbal and Written Warnings & Ejections

Plate work San Jose Senior Semi-Pro Ball

Thousands of parents and fans have watched as coaches and officials frantically try to find the rule, then try to agree on a clear understanding and application of a rule, without success.  Too many coaches, players and fans have seen a play or even the outcome of a game change against them, because of a misinterpreted rule. Very good umpires have spent endless hours struggling, many unsuccessfully to gain a clear understanding of the baseball rules.   

After five decades of baseball, sixteen years of umpiring I have had enough.  It was time to do the obvious, simplify the rule book.  Simplify finding the rule, simplify reading the rule and simplify understanding the rule.  Simple, right? Wrong. I took nineteen rule subjects and printed out the dozens of the actual rule interpretations pertaining to them. Then rule by rule extracted exactly what was being stated. Then in the fewest, most comprehensive and basic language possible described exactly what the rule was saying.

By deconstructing and reconstructing baseball's most confusing and difficult rules into basic comprehensive language, most everyone can agree on an outcome. What a concept! Each interpretation in Baseball Rules in Black and White includes the high school rule book page number and rule number that it applies to. This allows the reader to cross reference, confirm or expand if needed in a matter of seconds.  

This type of speed and accuracy has never been possible until now. Baseball Rules in Black and White is a break through in baseball rules education. This book was first designed in order to help new officials accelerate their learning curve of the baseball rule book. The instant positive feedback was so overwhelming that I instantly knew that this would be an amazing educational reference for everyone.