Baseball Rules in Black and White™ 

"A Better Way to Learn and Apply the Rules of Baseball"™  


2016 College World Series NCAA umpire Billy Haze says: " This publication is powerful, and it has capabilities to benefit a broad audience having difficulty understanding complicated baseball rules."

National Director at National Umpires Association Jim Stros says: The creative process James Bettencourt has taken putting this book together is one of a kind. Highly recommended for all umpires at every level including all fans, and coaches. A fantastic read. 

Mr. Brian Luth, U.S. Army Recruiting Command and NCOA Umpire shared the following: “Just wanted to thank you for your book last week at the Vacaville class! I’ve been able to grasp a lot of things a lot easier since reading it!”

“I would endorse your book to anyone who umpires or coaches! I’m passionate about the game of baseball and anything that makes our game better it’s a +++.”

High School Umpires: A must read! 
Amazon 5.0 out of 5 stars By Gil on January 16, 2017

This book should be on every high school umpire's book shelf. It is clear and easy to read.It clarifies the most complex rules and gives the umpire (reader) a better understanding of the intent of the rules. I'm sure Mr. Bettencourt will continue updating the content and keep the book up to date as the rules for high school change. I'll be sharing this book with our newer umpires at the Federation of Umpires (over 100 members) in the Bay Area!

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Kenneth J Paul Sr. says: After decades of officiating in several baseball leagues and divisions throughout Northern California, I was recently invited to join the Northern California Officials Association. Being my rookie year with a new association I diligently studied the NFHS rule book. After countless hours of study, I was introduced to Baseball Rules in Black & White. The simplicity of its contents has boosted my confidence on, as well as off the field. 

“The B&W is a must have tool for any level of officials, coaches, and yes, even the fans”    

College World Series Umpire Mr. Billy Haze has shared the following. My endorsement of Baseball Rules in Black and White is an easy one for me! When author Jim Bettencourt came to me with his vision of creating a user friendly version of specific baseball rules, I saw potential.

It soon became clear that Baseball Rules in Black and White is more than a simplified version of baseball rules, and I was intrigued.

When I recognized that Baseball Rules in Black and White was designed to speed up finding a rule and simplify the rule into basic language, I knew Baseball Rules in Black and White would benefit everyone in baseball.

For those who have opened up a rule book and attempted to understand what they are reading, many can associate the same feelings they get when reading their phone bill.

This publication is powerful, and it has capabilities to benefit a broad audience having difficulty understanding complicated baseball rules.

This book is for umpires at every level of baseball, but far beyond umpires this book should be in the hands of every coach, player, administrator, broadcaster and parent.

This book translates difficult rules that are frequently called by umpires, rules that those in baseball and many fans misinterpret. It is written in simplistic but yet comprehensive language that will empower anyone who reads it.

I would like to share a quote from my mentor, the late great Harry Wendelstedt. He said, “Son, if you can articulate yourself in an argument on a ruling with a solid rule book terminology, you will never lose a protest in your entire career!”

I believe in Harry’s message, just like I believe the message in Baseball Rules in Black and White. You must understand what the rule is saying before you can properly call and explain that rule.

This is why I believe everyone in baseball will benefit from Baseball Rules in Black White and why it has my complete endorsement.