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Amendment  Policy

Baseball Rules in Black and White is extremely thankful to have a national network of rule advisers from all across the country who constantly monitor every ruling in our books!

We want to thank Doug McClure at Triple Play Umpires and his amazing staff for informing us of a proofing error in the 2018 College Edition. While over 95% of the initial ruling was correct, that is not acceptable at Baseball Rules in Black and White.

Any time we discover a ruling that needs to be amended we immediately amend the error at the publisher as soon as possible. We also post the amended ruling on our website for six months in order that it can be copied and inserted over the pages with the errant ruling.

The amended Batter’s Interference Rulings below should be copied and inserted between pages 62 and 63 in the 2018 College Edition.

Batter’s Interference Rulings

Batter’s Interference intentional or not when a catcher’s attempt to throw out a runner who is attempting to steal second or third:

  • Batter’s Interference is a delayed dead ball. Rule 6-3, Pg.61

  • With Batter’s Interference and the attempt to put out a runner is successful:

           1. The batter’s interference is ignored. Rule 6-3-b-Penalty-(3), Pg. 61

           2. The ball stays live and runners may advance. Rule 6-3-b-Penalty (3) Pg. 61

      When the (initial attempt) to put out a runner is not successful:

          1. Time is called. Rule 6-3-b-Penalty (3), Pg. 61

          2. The (batter) is called out. Rule 6-3-b-Penalty (3), Pg. 61

          3. All runners return to their bases occupied at the time of pitch. Rule 6-3-b-P (3) pg. 61, Rule 7-11-f-                   Penalty, Pg. 70

  • One out or less and Batter’s Interference with the batter striking out it is a double play, the runner would called out as well. Rule 7-11-f-Exception 3)

     Batter’s Interference less than two outs with a play at home plate:

         The (runner tagged or not) is out. Rule 7-11-f- Exception 1), Pg. 70

         When the runner coming home is tagged out:

                1. The (batter’s interference) is ignored. Rule 7-11-f- Exception- 2), Pg. 70

      The runner coming home is not tagged out:

               1. Time is called. Rule 6-2-g-Note, Pg.61

               2. The runner is called out. Rule 7-11-f- Exception-1), Pg. 70

               3. All runners(s) return to their base at the (time of the interference), Rule 6-2-g-Note, Pg. 61

  • Batter’s Interference with two outs and a play at home plate:

              The batter is out. Rule 7-11-f, Pg. 70