Baseball Rules in Black and White™ 

"A Better Way to Learn and Apply the Rules of Baseball"™  

2018 High School Edition, Read, Understand, Retain, Apply and Articulate Baseball Rules

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2018 High School Edition

1. We have accurately converted difficult rule book language and small print into (easy to read and understand) sentences, in large font.

2. Each chapter is (filled with related rulings, sub-rulings and examples) with content formatted logically in order of sequence and importance. 

3.  Over 300 converted rulings, each one with the (official rule and page number) listed. 

4. Chapters are listed A to Z in the Table of Contents, located in the front of the book to target rules quickly.

5. The (converted rulings in the 2018 High School Edition) have been validated by (accomplished and respected) Umpires, Assigners and Rule Advisers.

“A Better Way to Learn and Apply the Rules of Baseball!” TM

December 2017 January 2018  Release Date!

The 2018  High School Edition has become even more reader friendly.  While chapters still consist of related rulings, there are many aspects of those related rulings that vary and have specific headings.  Those specific headings are now listed with their page number in the Table of Contents, making locating the specific ruling even easier and faster. 

2018 High School Edition Endorsed by College World Series Umpire Billy Haze

Baseball Rules in Black and White is for umpires at every level of baseball, but far beyond umpires this book should be in the hands of every coach, player, administrator, broadcaster and parent. These educational resources enhance the most complicated and frequently called rules in baseball.

These resources convert difficult rule book language at each specific level of play into basic, easy to read sentences. Each chapter is (filled with related rulings, sub-rulings and examples) with content formatted logically in order of sequence and importance.  Baseball Rules in Black and White’s content will empower anyone desiring baseball rule knowledge.

                                 Billy Haze, 2016 College World Series NCAA Umpire