Baseball Rules in Black and White™ 

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2018 College Edition of NCAA baseball rules

2016 College World Series Umpire Billy Haze

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Baseball Rules in Black and White

2018 College Edition

Welcome to the 2018 College Edition of Baseball Rules in Black and White. This College Edition has been created through a collaboration of dedicated, knowledgeable and highly skilled umpires. 

Our College Edition is the second in our series of  rule books with enhanced rulings for frequently called confusing baseball rules, for each specific level of play. By enhancing official baseball rules we are improving the value (knowledge) to the reader, while complementing the actual source of those rulings.  NCAA, Division I, and College World Series umpire Mr. Billy Haze has defined  Baseball Rules in Black and White  as the “Cliffs Notes for the official rule book”.

Baseball Rules in Black and White  accomplishes this in several ways. First by collecting and organizing related rulings then placing them under individual chapters. Black and White also converts official rule book grammar into an easy to read and understandable format.  Baseball Rules in Black and White  College Edition complements the NCAA baseball rule book by providing official rule and page numbers with every converted ruling. This allows the reader to quickly find and reference (via official rule book or internet) the official ruling.

An enhanced baseball rules resource should take you directly to a rule, use straightforward language to convey a clear and decisive interpretation, all while retaining accuracy. We are positive you will find  Baseball Rules in Black and White ’s College Edition to be that resource!

This book is dedicated to thousands of the incredibly committed and hard working men and women umpires who are always striving to improve their craft in order to make the game of baseball even better.