2017 NFHS Rule Changes in Baseball Rules in Black and White's easy to read and comprehend format.

Slide Rule 2-32-2 c Pg.23

It is now legal to slide past home plate and make non-malicious contact with or alter the play of a fielder.


Coaches Interference Rule 3-2-2 Penalty Pg. 27

Runners are now immediately called out when assisted by a coach and the ball remains live.

Point at the runner, call interference and signal out.


Warning/Ejection Rule 3-3-1 Penalty Pg. 28, 29

The rule has simply reverted back to the past years enforcement protocol

First minor infraction: Verbal or a written warning and restricted to bench!


Second minor infraction: Written warning and restricted to bench.

Third minor infraction: Ejection!

Any major offense is still an immediate ejection!


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                                                           Umpire Interference 

Umpire interference has been assigned it's own rule number: Rule 8-3-6 Pg.52