Baseball Rules in Black and White™ 

"A Better Way to Learn and Apply the Rules of Baseball"™  

2017 High School Edition of NFHS Baseball Rules

Baseball Rules in Black and White Book Cover

                                   Baseball Rules in Black & White

2017 Edition,“Difficult High School Baseball Rules Made Easy”

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The new 2017 Edition includes three additional rule topics, plus the 2017 high school rule changes. The 2017 Edition has expanded to a total of 19 troublesome rule topics. From those 19 troublesome rules over 200 ruling actions, examples, and summaries in basic language and large font are provided. Each of the over 200 rulings include the original rule & page number from the official high school rule book.   Baseball Rules in Black and White includes a Table of Contents listed in alphabetical order, making finding a rule simple.

Baseball Rules in Black and White will accelerate and increase a new umpire’s baseball rule knowledge substantially. It is a great refresher for veteran umpires and coaches. By reading easy to find, clearly stated rules you will learn more in less time than reading a conventional rule book!

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The days of wasting time flipping through pages trying to find the correct ruling are over! There has never been a book about baseball rules that accomplishes what this book does. Completely understanding the rule will allow you to make the call without hesitation.